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Chips ahoy: What the microchip shortage means for the transmission industry

A member of our social media team, Cassidy Sollazzo, published an article for Transmission Digest about the current parts shortage and its effects on the...


2022 Parts Catalog

Precision International is pleased to announce the updated 2022 Parts Catalog! Our dedicated engineering team is constantly working to improve and expand our product line....


New Kit Announcement!

Precision has published a New Kit Bulletin for our K86900N used in the AC60E/F transmission. View Kit Bulletin


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Precision International is a worldwide supplier of quality products for import and domestic automatic transmissions. As well as supplying an extensive aftermarket customer base, we also provide product to Original Equipment Manufacturers. Precision International is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information available in the industry today. Technical assistance is always available, free of charge, at 1 (800) 872-6649. In addition to our technical assistance by phone or email, we also offer a number of technical bulletins, which we refer to as “Problem Solvers”.